Music to Celebrate By

Music as a celebration of our Ancient Ways written by the Bards of today.

Songs with an asterisk (*) can be found on the CD by Lady Bridget,
"In Her Sacred Space" 
Songs with two asterisks (**) can be found on the CD by Lady Bridget and the Belladonnas
"Voices of the Goddess"
both of which can be ordered below.

All Soul's Night by Loreena McKennitt
Beautiful song for Samhain
about Apollo, written to the tune of "Greensleeves"
Call to Circle*
short round that can be sung proceeding into circle
a variety of chants, some "traditional", some brand new
finding the Craft, and others of like mind
Do I Know You*
a love song, reincarnated couple finding each other again
Door Into Fairie*
a person finds their way back into the land of magic
Eternity Sleeps*
peaceful places
Everlasting Mountains**
written for the Cumberland Mountains in Tennessee, while staying there for a week
Goddess Song*
how the Goddess occurs in our lives
praising the role of High Priestesses
Grandma Got Run Over By A Broomstick
Silly Samhain tune filked from the Yule Carol
Gypsy Tarot Song**
fun filk on fortune-tellers sung to the tune of "Love Me Tender"
Handfasting Song
a rewrite of the song "There Is Love" that is traditionally used at weddings, to be more appropriate to Wiccan Handfastings
The Harvest, by Rick Hamouris
Perfect song for a Mabon Sabbat
Harvest Dance, by Gwydion Pendderwyn
Classic by one of the first and foremost Bards, passed on to the Summerland now.
Here In The Woods*
there is peace to be found in the woods, and the works of the Lord and Lady
I Am The Creator of All in My Life
In the Arms of the Goddess
Samhain song sung to the tune of Sarah McLachlan's "Angel"
Jump The Fire*
celebration song for Beltane
letter to an old lover
Little One*
Wiccan Lullaby, written for my daughters
Magickal Child**
Sweet Lullaby, written by my daughter for her son
Mama, Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Witches!**
fun filk to the tune of the song with the oh-so-similar name
Meet Me at Beltane**
originally written to commemorate the "Lifespring" gatherings in the early '90s, but now dedicated to all festivals where Wiccan's can celebrate.
Missing You**
love song
Mother Moon
ode to our Mother Moon, to the tune of "Amazing Grace"
Our Ways*
traditions may vary, but we can all work together
Part of the Goddess
affirmatons on the oneness of life
Queen of Spring*
round sung with "Horned One"in background, tune is traditional
the New Age is sweeping across the planet, and we can choose to be a part of it
Riekin's Brew**
amusing drinking ditty poking fun at Lord Riekin's mead

Sabbat Song*
going to circle
Samhain Round
Round of verses describing Samhain
Song of Mari**
another wonderful song by Gwydion Pendderwyn, also sung by Lady Bridget and the Belladonna's (with permission)
Teach Me*
lighthearted look at students of the Craft+
That Old Time Religion
HUGE file of all the verses of this song, as collected by Joe Bethancourt, distributed in the public domain
There is Nothing Like a Sister*
about our Sisters in the Craft, written for my sister, Lady Therese
Time Stands Still*
the hows and whys of taking your ritual bath
Wheel of the Year*
a ditty giving brief descriptions of all the Sabbat's sung to the tune of "This Old Man" intended to teach pagan children about the holidays
Wiccan Ways
Two verses that can be sung at close of circle, tune is "Greensleeves"
Wiccan Yule Carols
A collection of Yule carols sung to the tunes of the old favorites.
Winter Vision*
an Imbolc song about seeing the Goddess

*These songs can be found on the CD by Lady Bridget,
"In Her Sacred Space" 

** These songs can be found on the CD by Lady Bridget and the Belladonnas,
"Voices of the Goddess"

Picture of cassette's cover of robed Priestess Picture of the Belladonna's

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"In Her Sacred Space"
"Voices of the Goddess"

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