© Alys De La Mar 1987

Late was the hour and dark was the night
Far from my hearth was I
When deep in the wood a flick'ring light
I by some chance did spy.
I had the coin to buy a bed, perchance a pint or two.
But high was the price I paid that night
To taste of Riekin's Brew, to taste of Riekin's Brew.

A fire burned bright in the heart of the wood
A weird little man danced round
The clearing where his weird little cottage stood
With caper, leap and bound.
And from a skin close by his side
Full many a draught he drew.
He'd caper a jig, then take a swig
And another of Riekin's Brew, and another of Riekin's Brew.

He saw me there, well met said he and gave a wicked grin.
He gestured to his little house and bade me enter in.
We'll fill our bellies, warm our toes and trade a tale or two
And then, with a wink, he said, we'll drink
a round of Riekin's Brew, a round of Riekin's Brew.

He entered in his little house,
I followed all stooped and low.
I crouched down on a wee little chair,
My back bent like a bow.
In a bowl the size of a walnut shell, he fed me rabbit stew
And an acorn cup to the brim filled up
With a dram of Riekin's Brew, with a dram of Riekin's Brew.

It burnt like Hellfire going down, I though my time had come
I fell from the stool and crashed to the ground
My heart beat like a drum.
A darkling mist hung o'er my eyes and covered all in view.
I then slept deep and dark the sleep
That comes of Riekin's Brew, that comes of Riekin's Brew.

When I awoke the queer little house
Seemed nowhere near as small.
And the trees that ringed the clearing round
Seemed now ten times as tall.
My kerchief serves as mantle now, my bed was once my shoe.
I'm less than half the man I was
For drinking Riekin's Brew, for drinking Riekin's Brew.

If you should wander through the wood
And from your path ye stray
If by some chance your footsteps should
To lead ye down this way
Then fill your belly, warm your toes
But friend whatever you do
E'en though your thirst be at it's worst
Don't taste of Riekin's Brew, don't taste of Riekin's Brew.

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