lyrics by Katrina McNeal-Dezern
music by Lady Bridget &@0169 1993

Walking down life's road one day,
I spied a path along the way,
Small it was, and hard to see,
But I just knew it was for me.

I stepped onto that wondrous Way,
What drew me there I cannot say,
But there along that path I trod
Akin to Goddess, akin to the God.

Of course I did not know that then,
I merely felt the power within,
Sister to forests, plants, and trees,
A part of Nature's Majesties!

For many years I trod alone,
Thinking all this was my own,
For others did not seem to see
What was so obvious to me.

Imagine, then, my sheer surprise
When right before my very eyes
It was my fortune to discover
Another traveler, my own true lover.

But still more wonders were in store,
For on our path we found yet more,
And now that path's no longer bare,
We know that others travel there.

Some to learn and some to teach,
Some the heights of wisdom reach.
Together we gather in trust and joy,
All our resources to employ.

To share the way we think and feel
To help each other grow and heal,
How wondrous all this is to me,
To have found my Spiritual Family!

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