© Lady Bridget 1994

On a cold, cold morning in the middle of winter
I was suddenly given a vision of beauty.
She was taller than many, standing straight as a fir tree
And She walked right up to me and smiled a secret smile.

And Her gold hair fell down past He shoulders
And the garment She wore was green as spring
And I knew in my heart She was a Goddess
And I had no fear of anything.

And She said, "The world is sleeping and my children are waiting
For Me to return with the Breath of Life I bring
Tell my children to celebrate! Light the candles! Start dancing!
So that I will return and bring with Me the spring."

And Her gold hair fell down past Her shoulders
As She slowly turned and faded from my sight
Now I am a child of the Goddess
A child of the Moon and of the Light
A child of the Moon,... and of the Light.

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