sung to the tune of "Edelweiss"
© Lady Bridget 1996

Father son, cherished one
We sing your praise and your prowess.
As you shine, be ever kind
To our crops and our fields - bless.
Chariot of fire with your horses ride
Cross the sky in splendor.
Selene, the Moon, each dawn she swoons
And to your love she surrenders.

Golden hair, perfumed air
No maiden can resist thee!
Languid smile, to beguile
One look and my heart is melting!
Graceful and supple, my heart's desire
To feel your fire surround me.
Lord of light, ever bright
Your radiance always astounds me.

Legends bold, often told
Your shining strength and bright beauty
Sure and strong, hear our song
It is our pleasure and duty
To honor and shower you with our joy
This Solstice Day is bringing.
Brightly won, Lord of Sun
Apollo, hear our hearts singing!

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