by Lady Bridget, orig. 1978, © revised 1994

Little one, though you came from Heaven,
To Heaven you will return
In your mind you are still a child
But you will grow and learn.

Though your journey is quite a long one
You shall never know fear
For in all things you're protected
The Lord and Lady are near.

Little one, though you may be lonely
You are never alone
For the Lord and the Lady
Will love and lead you home.

I pray that you are never lost
I would not rest till you're found
Each day I ask the Mighty Ones
To keep you safe and sound.

(Repeat Chorus:)

When you're frightened by the Boogeyman
We'll make some magic spray
And when you're a little older
We'll spell the monsters away.

(Repeat Chorus:)

Your life will be filled with wonder
And beauty for you to enjoy
I'll teach you of magic
And how to live with joy.

(Repeat chorus:)

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