© Lady Bridget 1994

Isis, Diana, Cerridwen, Minerva, Hecate, Persephone, Anu
Bridget, Dana, Arionrhod, Rhiannon, Athena, Demeter, Hera.
Speak to me of mystery, speak to me of life
I've been Maiden, I've been Lover,
I`ve been Mother, I`ve been Wife.
Help me to focus my dreams and I see
There is everything I'll ever need already deep in me.

Searching for something that felt so right
In the stillness of the forest or the peaceful starry night.
Living meadows and ancient trees
Carry secrets that are also found within the stormy seas.

I have watched the thundering skies, as the lightening
Crashes through the clouds and chills me with delight.
Windswept prairies of wheat growing tall
Or the desert sands of shimmering heat and I am part of all.

Gentle Goddess, who also destroys
Creatress, Destructress, turn sorrows into joys
You have called me home again
I'm remembering what once I knew but had forgotten.

Honor me with your presence tonight
In the Sacred Space that we create by flickering candlelight
I hear you calling me to come and delight
In the Sacred Space of Perfect Trust and Love by candlelight.
(repeat last line)

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