The Harvest

By Rick Hamouris

from: "Welcome to Annwyfn" by Deborah and Rick Hamouris, and Friends;
copyright 1996, Nemeton


So the Sun King dies, as the corn and the wheat
Feel the cool, steel scythe of the harvest
Filled with joy we weep, for the love known and missed
As we reap the seeds we have sown.

Gather the crop we so carefully have tended
See how soon the basket fills
And from season to season the days ever turn
On the wheel of the year

Blindness and sight on the balance of the hour
Only twice the circle brings
Feed your soul on the power only healing can supply
As the pendulum swings

Soon comes the frost and the solitude of winter
Trust in the promise of the spring
Guard the seeds we must carry, hold thm close to your heart
Till the warming of the star
Be the steward that you are

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