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Pagan Parent's Page

This page is devoted to Pagan parents everywhere, who are trying to bring their children up the best way they know how, in the traditions of their belief system. Daily we walk the fine line between a child's natural enthusiasm and willingness to talk about everything in their life, and the need for some things to be kept secret. This page is being built, piece by piece, in the hopes that some of the ideas and thoughts here will help you. If you have any contributions that you would like to share with others, please send them to Lady Bridget. Your ideas and thoughts are most welcome!

Can Santa Be Black?
Cute poem about Santa and his many forms.

Can You Imagine?
Poem for the Child in all of us

The Children's Circle; A Sacred Story Hour
A children's circle that includes story time, a great way to introduce children to spiritual practices.

The Colors Correspondence Game
A way to teach young minds not only their colors, but also the magickal correspondences associated with them.

Little One**
Lullaby for children

Magickal Child
Sweet Lullaby

Mothering As A Spiritual Path
A look at Motherhood from a different perspective.

Remember Thy Mother
A story

Tigger's Full Moon Ritual
An adorable piece written with the Pooh characters

The Troll's Tear
A children's Samhain Story

The Twelve Gifts of Birth
Children's story

Wheel of the Year**
Song to the tune of "This Old Man" designed to teach children about the Sabbats.

Where Are They Now?
Poem looking for the fantasy faerie folk we used to know.

The Witch's Catalog by Norman Brinson
A wonderful old book that is no longer in print, but is still adorable!

The Meagan Stories by Kathryn Dyer
An excellent set of children's stories, one for each Sabbat, and also stories about life's occurances. (This is a link to another person's page, use the back button on your browser to return here.)

The Reading List for Children
A list of books that have been recommended to me for Pagan Kids

** These songs can be found on In Her Sacred Space by Lady Bridget and available on CD and cassette.

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