© Lady Bridget 1994

Do I know you?
Haven't you been with me always?
Do I know you?
Weren't you there from the beginning?
We share the same love of life
We share the same gentle spirit
A mirror now to my soul, in my heartbeat you'll hear it.

Do I know you?
Isn't it time that we listened?
Do I know you?
Lifted the veils from our eyes.
I've dreamed of you, I know I have
Your face is so familiar
I've seen the stars, the verdant hills
I've seen the place where we were.

Do I know you?
Deep in you eyes I can see it
Do I know you?
The music I hear is your soul.
Another time, another life, I'm sure I must have known you
It's comfortable, it feels right, I think we might continue

Do I know you?
Fragments I almost remember
Do I know you?
Is this what they call deja vu?
Let's take it slow, Let's let it grow
Let's keep it simple and easy
Until the day we both can say quite honestly and freely

Do I know you?
I think I do.

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