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Will you give me a spell for.......?

I don't give spells out over the internet. On very very rare occassions I will help someone with an especially difficult problem that they have first honestly tried to resolve in all the physical and legal ways possible. The Spellcraft Menu is designed to help you to do the research and the work to write your own spells, and I highly encourage you to do that. Spells you have written for yourself have more power than something someone else has done, and they mean more to you and will work better for you. In addition, I am assuming that you have found this page in a search to educate yourself, so I encourage you to take this as an opportunity to do just that.

What I will do however is to read over a spell that you have constructed for yourself and give you my opinion on it. I will advise you on what you might do to make it work better, or what else you might want to include or exclude from it. Or I may tell you that you shouldn't do it at all! I will not do the work for you, sorry. My tradition teaches that whatever spell I do for you, I share in the karma. There are people online who have websites and advertise that they will do spellwork for you for a price. If you are certain that you cannot do this for yourself, then I advise you to seek them out.

How can I put a love spell on someone?

You can't put a love spell on someone else in an ethical way without their permission. The best way is to make YOURSELF irresistable. Work on yourself, not the other person, that way when he or she likes you, it'll be for you, and not for some other reason. What worth is it to trick someone into having affection for you? There are a lot of wonderful people in the world, this person is only one of them.

But suppose you did put a spell on them to get them to date you for awhile, and then discovered he or she was a real jerk, or worse, and then you couldn't get rid of them because you "spelled" them to be bonded to you. Trouble there. Spells are best worked on ourselves, not others. Especially love spells, the most famous and dangerous of all magicks. Seems everyone wants to be loved, but they want it to be easy. Easy is the dangerous way, much better to take your time and work on YOU.

For example, let's take an actual spell that I gave to a friend. She made a very long and detailed list of the type of person she was looking for and the qualities in that person that she wanted to attract into her life. She looked at herself, and what her best features and qualities were, and found ways to highlight and bring out those best points. She burned a red candle and incense that she liked, while taking a bath in rose bath oil, and just focused on feeling beautiful. She did this every day for two weeks from New Moon to Full Moon. THIS kind of love magick is much safer, and does not put any name or faces to the person, just the KIND of person you want to attract. And it also focuses on being happy with yourself and feeling beautiful. Trust me, being happy as you are, feeling that you are beautiful, and liking yourself, are irresistable qualities in anyone. Try not to fall into the trap that the media sets, especially for women, making us want to worry about "am I too fat", "are my breasts big enough?" and that sort of thing. You are perfect just the way you are, and you are that way so that you can be yourself. Loving yourself is the best love spell you can ever do.

She's not the right person for him, how can I break up this relationship without hurting her?

I don't see how you can expect to break up someone else's relationship, and not have someone get hurt. How do YOU know that she is not the best match for this man? We are drawn to the people in our lives because of the lessons they will teach us, good and bad. You do not have the right to make that decision for another person, no matter how strongly you feel this. You can certainly talk to him about her, and voice whatever objections you may have, but I think that playing cupid or matchmaker with other people's lives is only going to cause trouble all the way around. I see no magickal way to do this without causing harm to someone.

How do I get permission to cast a spell on someone?

There is no way to ethically "trick" someone into letting you cast a spell on them. Permission means just that, permission. When someone has asked you for help, especially if it is a sick family member who says they need healing, then it is all right to ask them if you can light a candle and pray for their healing. If you are not doing a candle healing spell, then obviously that would be the wrong thing to ask. I am straightforward in my spellwork, if I have to do a spell that involves another person, I tell them in advance and if I don't get their permission, then I do the spell another way so that it doesn't involve them. There is always more than one angle to approach any problem and many times just giving it more thought will allow you to come up with a way to do what you want, and do it ethically.

"An it harm none, do what thou wilt" is the Wiccan Rede. Carefully think through every magickal working before you do it to be sure that you aren't harming someone you didn't intend. It's also a very good idea to do a divination (like tarot readings or throwing the runes) prior to any magick, to see if it's really needed, if it will be effective, or if there's a better way to accomplish your goal.

Remember this also, the Gods test us. Once you start working with magick, there will ALWAYS come a test from the Gods, to see if you are ethical. You will be tempted by some situation that you just KNOW you could fix magically... if only.... Be Aware! People who abuse magick do pay the price. And you cannot know what that price will be in advance.

How can I make amends if I have already put a spell on someone without their permission?

With magick and ethics whatever you do returns on you threefold. When you do a spell on someone without their permission it is not ethical and you will have a karmic balance put against you. Many people who email me wishing for spells do not realize that there is always a price to pay for what you do, action causes reaction, and that this rule is not suspended for magick. Some do not believe me when I say that you can't be sure just how this price will be paid... you don't get to choose in advance what will be the result. Magick is not to be used lightly, but as a last resort.

If you have already done a spell on someone, and now are seeing the price is more than you bargained for and are regretting it, my advice to you is to ask the person for forgiveness. You need to let them know what you did, and that you feel it was wrong of you to do that even though you may have felt justified at the time. Once you ask, and recieve, their forgiveness, then you can forgive yourself and often the karmic repercussions will lesson or cease. Wicca teaches us to take responsibility for our actions, all of them.

Asking for forgiveness in person or on the phone or by email may not be possible, but it is preferable. In some cases the person you need to speak with may have already passed on... or is for some other reason totally unreachable. To speak with them then, you have to go through their guardian spirit, guardian angel, spirit guide, higher self, whatever you wish to call this. Write that person a letter, and in that letter tell all. Purge... leave nothing out. End by asking their forgiveness and really wanting it. Then ritually burn this letter, thereby sending your wishes and thoughts to their guardian spirit. Ask them again, aloud, for forgiveness, and then wait. Meditate and relax until you feel that your message is received. Ask for a sign that you have been released and forgiven. It should be a simple sign, but one that you will know when you see it. Make sure it's a sign that would be natural to have happen - don't ask for a miracle!

Don't use the letter idea as a way of opting out of talking to the person yourself - that is still the most effective way. Chances are that they will forgive you, if you are sincere in regretting your actions.

Lastly you should light a candle and give your thanks to the Gods in the name(s) by which you know them/him/her to thank them also. At this point, you can release all your feelings about what you did, and let it go. Know that you are forgiven, by your friend, by the Gods, and by yourself.

How can I find a group/teacher/store/tradition in my area?

The most complete and wonderful listing of groups, events, covens, teachers, stores, and traditions can be found on the Witch's Voice website:


They have listings by state and then by city. Do look in more than just one city, as the nearest teacher might just be in the next town. Many urban areas have a lot of activity going on, and the best way to meet people is to go to a public event.

If you are specifically looking in Florida, it is possible that I do have a contact in the area, or that I know the person you intend to contact. If you tell me your location (if it's a tiny town, please give me the county and the nearest urban area) I may be able to assist.

My standard cautions apply here:

Don't join the first group you find just because you can!
Think about what you are looking for and what will fit in with your lifestyle and see if this is what you want. Remember that these people may become a strong influence in your life, so be sure they are a positive one.

Don't believe everything you read or hear!
Just because someone claims to be a 10th level High Mucky Muck doesn't mean they really are. Use your common sense, if it sounds like BS it just might be BS. Wicca, like any religion, draws many people from diverse backgrounds. Not all of them are who they claim to be, so keep your brain turned on and don't let titles blind you.

Ask questions!
If you want to know something, do ask! It might be something they can't tell you because of traditional oaths, but there's no harm in asking. Yes, they are "interviewing" you for their group, but you are also interviewing them as a teacher/leader. Better to decide right now that this won't work for you than to make a commitment that you later regret.

Really LISTEN to their membership requirments!
It's not fair to them if you say that you have no problem meeting every Wednesday night, and then two months later take a job that requires you work on Wednesdays. You can't expect everyone to rearrange the meeting to suit your schedule. If you think you are going to have a problem making every class or esbat or Sabbat, say so right from the start. Some groups are more lax, some are more strict about attendance, but all of them deserve to know up front what to expect.

Are they affiliated with any other Churches or Organizations?
Organizations such as the Covenant of the Goddess, Aquarian Tabernacle Church, Celtic Moon Clan, (to name just a few) - show that the group has been vouched for by others, is known and active in the Wiccan community, and has earned the affiliates respect. It is simply a plus to know that a group is involved and trusted, but don't discount a group that otherwise feels right to you just on the basis that they don't belong to any such organization. Again, use your own judgement.

I am new to Wicca, what can you tell me that will help me?

If you are new to Wicca, then you have found the website that is designed for you. Go through the Wicca Menu and read it all. Go through the Spellcraft Menu and read it all. IF you have specific questions about what you are reading, I will answer them. I can't possibly tell you all I know in one page, let alone one email, so this site has been put together over the years to do that in the best way I think can be done.

I am a minor, and my parents don't approve of Wicca, what can I do?

As a parent, and grandparent, I certainly respect the rights of all parents to be aware and informed of what their children or teens are learning. As a teacher, I respect the right of all students to learn what their minds and hearts yearn for, regardless of their age. To honor both of these, in my classes I require that any minor child be accompanied by one of their parents throughout the class. In this way, Mom and Dad know exactly what their minor is learning without getting it secondhand or possibly garbled.

Many teachers will not teach people until they are 18 and/or living on their own. Until then, read everything you can. The internet can be a great resource, use it. Let your parents know, in a non-threatening and non-confrontational manner that you are interested in Wicca. Let them read what you are reading, communicate with them why this is so important to you. Remember that they love you and only want what they feel is best for you - and that while you certainly won't agree with everything they say or do, at least you know it is coming out of love.

But what if they just won't listen? What if they forbid you to read any books on Wicca or to practice at all? You may not like the answer, but time will pass and you will eventually be an adult. Wicca will still be there. Wicca is growing everyday and there are more and more teachers available as more people find this path and become practitioners. All I can advise is that you wait. It may seem like too much to ask, but remember this - someday you too may become a parent, and your child may get some "hokey" idea in their heads that you don't agree with! Karma does come back to you threefold!

The worship of the Goddess begins in your heart - and this can be done silently, and without tools or books or altars. It requires nothing but your sincerity, and you don't need to have a teacher to do it.

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