lyrics Lady Bridget, Sirona, Tharanhawk, & Rel Davis 1990

Mother Moon, full Moon, I see the light
Shine down upon the Earth
Reflections of my Father Sun
Drawn down to give rebirth.

When we have lived a thousand lives
Beneath our Lady's gaze
We still will dance the circle round
As in the olden days.

In ages past our kind were burned
Upon a flaming stake
Those were indeed most troubled times
They fill us with heartache.

With caution we come out to teach
That they old ways shall not cease.
May the Gods save the Craft in years to come
That we may worship in peace.

The Goddess taught me many things,
Most of all about myself.
I find Her best looking within
For in my She does indwell.

As the chalice is to womankind
So the male is to his blade.
Together they are life and love
And the greatest magick's made.

(Can repeat first verse.)

This song can have as many verses as imaginative people can create.

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