© Lady Bridget 1994

She calls me on the telephone,
She's really quite upset
She says there's things to work out
That ain't been worked out yet

I know just how she's feeling
And we talk a little while
We come to a decision
And we hang up with a smile

'Cause there's nothing like a sister
Who knows your every mood
And she reads you like a book she's read before
When you really need a friend this is what I recommend
There is nothing like a sister in the Craft.

The times when I've been hurting
And blinded by the pain
She's someone I feel drawn to again and again
To help me through the rough spots
'Till I can find my feet
A life without my sister would be so incomplete.

(Repeat Chorus Twice)

(Repeat last line of Chorus)

This was written for my sister, and co-Priestess, Lady Therese, without whom there would be no "Witch & Famous Coven".

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