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Here are the latest links to other websites, some are "rings", some are organizations, some are just pages from people who requested a link from our page to theirs. If you would like personal recommendations of any of these, please email Lady Bridget. As with all contacts made through cyberspace, some caution and common sense should always be exercised.

The Witches Voice
A news and education network with over a thousand links to different websites and regularly updated articles and information. If you are looking for a teacher or group in your area, check here first. An incredible resource!

Crystal Fantasy Bookstore and the Sacred Light Temple
Located in Margate, Florida, this wonderful store has everything you could possibly need and supports the local community by having ongoing classes. Check out their site to see what's currently happening. They also do mail order and online orders, and in addition are just really nice people, they have my personal recommendation!

Our coven gets a portion of the sales generated if you click here - thanks for your support!

AzureGreen Metaphyscal Store Online

This amazing site carries everything you could possibly imagine for Spellcrafting and Magickal workings! From Adam and Eve oil (for love spells) to Wiccan music and more. You won't believe what you can find here - click on the banner to check it out!

Astrology Birth Charts and Relationship Reports
Get profound insight into your life via a deeply revealing Astrology Character Report and Natal Chart. Gain new levels of understanding about your relationship from both you and your partner's point of view with this "Astrology for Lovers" compatability report.

Covenant of the Goddess
In September, 1997, our coven became members of the Covenant of the Goddess which is a nationally recognized organization of affiliated Wiccans. This group accepts covens and also solitaries as members, and has been fostering interfaith relations and positive Wiccan ideals for over 25 years. Check out their website for more information, and find out how you can get involved too!

Moonfire's Wiccan Site
Information, chat rooms, supplies, and much more! Take your time, and check out her entire site. You'll want to Bookmark this one.

The Summerlands is a Celtic Pagan Community dedicated to rediscovering, preserving, disseminating, and when necessary, recreating that which was lost to us ... the magick, history, customs, and religions of our ancestors. We are about worshipping and celebrating the old Gods and Goddesses in Ways both ancient and new ... in walking the path that Spirit leads us upon ... in rediscovering our connection with the Spirit of Our People.

South Florida Grove of the Faery Dragon
The Cymry home page of South Florida
We are a Welsh Druidic Tradition. We honor and worship the Goddess and God by striving to relink mankind with the Divine, Nature and each other.

The Virtual Circle
Home of the Fort Lauderdale Chapter of Universal Unitarian Pagans

An entry point for the Solitary Practitioner of the "Old Religion". They provide Open Circles and an opportunity to learn and network.

Celtic Moon Clan
A family of covens in Kentucky who combine resources to put on several Sabbats and other gatherings each year. If you are in the area, or would just love to travel to that beautiful state, then I do suggest you check out their site. They usually have a festival in the works.
(And be sure to tell them Lady Bridget says "HI"!)

Lady Liberty League
The Pagan Religious Freedom Activists' Information Exchange Network. News items of interest regarding our religious freedoms in America - the first step to being aware is getting informed, and this site has links to articles in the news, and hot items are added daily. Visit this site and add it to your bookmarks list!

Pagan Banner ExchangePagan Banner Exchange
Pagan Banner Exchange - click here for a new experience of a website you may never have seen before!

Enchanted Art
Beautiful artwork, prints and originals, of Goddeses, Fairies, and Medieval Archetypes that are for sale at reasonable prices. If you want some inspiring artwork for your walls, take a look! Some of her work is featured here on this site, with her express permission. All copyrights apply.

The Houston Area Pagan's Night Out
Looking for other Pagans in the Houston, TX area? Contact these people to network at their monthly "night out" at different restaurants and pubs around the Houston area. Check out their website even if you aren't in the area, it's an idea you might want to consider doing in YOUR area too!

Kentucky Witches Website
Links to other KY Witch happenings, different pantheons practiced in this area, and local events.

Witch On The Go
An online store selling Sabbat ritual kits, spell kits, spell candles and incense, as well as books, music, video and divination tools through our affiliation with We also have a fairly extensive Wicca 101 section with information on Wiccan beliefs, ethics, practices, holidays, ritual, invocations and, of course, FAQs.

Lyn's Garden
An online store that sells just about everything, and check out their celtic jewelry section too.



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