The Color Correspondence Game

by Wyntre copyright 1999

Let's face it, raising little witchlets is not an easy job. Teaching them their alphabet, colors, and numbers can seem to be a daunting task in itself let alone trying to ply them with the volumes of knowledge about our pagan beliefs. But there are ways to combine fun and learning, bringing together both our spirituality and basic skills. My favorite game to play with my daughter is the color correspondence game.

It's is fun and easy and it teaches children their colors along with the with the magickal correspondences. Here is how to play:


And the following poem:

Red is the color of power and love,
Orange is the color of energy from above,
Yellow is the color of our bright minds,
Green is harmony our heart finds,
Blue makes us serene and mild,
Purple is the spirit within you, child.
White is pure as the morning light,
Silver is peaceful like the full moon bright.
Gold is the power of the body and mind,
Black is the banisher of bad things we find.

On the poster board draw pictures using only one color for each picture ( we used pentagrams when my daughter was younger and now I let her draw the pictures.) Then say the rhyme while pointing to each individual color. In no time, your child will know their basic colors and the magickal correspondences of each.

Feel free to add things to the game or use it in different contexts. I have used this game to teach my daughter numerous things including the runes and tree magick. Most importantly, have fun with your little witchlet!!!

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