Where Are They Now?

by Robert F. Potts

Copyright (C) 2001

Where are they now, those faerie folk
Who once dwelt in my wood
When I was young, who played with me
And taught me what they could?
I'd hear the Dryad sing her song
In the shadow by a twisting stream.
I'd chase the elves and they'd chase me,
I'd hide behind a magic tree,
Or in a moonlight beam.

Where did they go? When did they leave?
I can't recall the day.
Did I say goodbye to them
And watch them go away?
Or did I just forget to look
One day when I was older?
Did I, perhaps, just slip astray,
Neglect to go one winter day,
A world-wise youth, and getting colder?

I'll go back now to the wood
Again to find the grace,
The long-missed fun of tiny folk,
Of meeting faeries face to face.
We'll meet and I will stay this time.
I'll not again forget their names.
I'm younger now, not near so wise
As when I wore a young man's guise.
It's time I joined their games.

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