by Lady Bridget, 1998

Take a spiritual bath, and you can use special soap for your purpose. Clean your altar and tools, as well as the ritual area itself. (Remember everything has vibrations, even dirt!)
Breathing is vitally important to contact Younger Self as all spells are done in an altered state of consciousness. It is important to breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth. Breathe deeply and slowly, centering yourself as you do when you are getting ready to meditate.
Planning is critical, most rituals are done after dark. (Anything new always begins in darkness) A few spells are done after sunrise. Timing is very important. Refer to Cycles of the Moon, plan for the correct Day of the Week and also refer to your Table of Planetary Hours. Be sure to check out these sections carefully, as more detailed explanations are given there. Be prepared, have all tools amd supplies lined up and assembled, and have your ritual or spell written out. Read it aloud to yourself at least once beforehand, since hearing it will give you a different feeling than simply reading it.
Your own emotions are critical to the spell. Be "generally specific" i.e. say the qualities of what you want but leave yourself open for HOW it will manifest. If you have happiness and take pleasure in the spell, the feeling will permeate your working and almost guarantee success. Avoid voicing negatives, put your wants into positive form, and better it be in rhyme since Younger Self responds better to rhyme.
Comes from nine (three times three), there should be a nine in the ritual, or three times three. For example: 9 hours, 9 days, 9 consecutive Fridays, 9 pm, whatever) Nine is the magickal number of completion and success, a full cycle. Refer to Numerology for the uses of other numbers appropriate to your working.

Boil everything down to it's barest essentials, to do that - eliminate the people. Don't involve any people in your spell itself - this doesn't mean you have to work alone, this means don't put spells on people! Remember, the only person you can work on is yourself! The only person you have the right to try to change is yourself - work on being the person you always thought you would be.

Get down to the nitty-gritty, what do you want? Be exact: "I want a job where I make X dollars and hour, I enjoy what I am doing, I get along with my co-employees and my employer, I work only 9-5 weekdays, I have Holidays off and other time off as needed, etc." Now I don't say exactly what or who I will work for, I leave that to the Universe (and/or God/dess) to manifest that for me. This is being "generally specific" by saying what I want but not how it has to present itself.

Also plan to read the want ads and go on job interviews, you need to put yourself in a place or position where your spell CAN manifest. If you don't look, you won't find.

Now, fine tune your spell by adding more ingredients in the way of colors, day of the week, time of the day, runes (if any), herbs, oil, soap, candles, cycle of the Moon, incense, etc. The more vibrations you tune in to your spell, the more fun Younger Self has with it. Also the more energy and thought and research you are putting in, the more you will get back. Remember to construct your spell in rhyme, as a chant works best, and be positive (say what you want, not what you don't want). See as happening NOW, not tomorrow or some time in the distant future. Your subconcious mind only knows HERE and NOW.

Let me tell you one last thing about spellcrafting - you can do spells entirely in your mind, once you are experienced at manifesting what you visualize. This is an important lesson to learn, because some people are very good at "getting what they want" almost effortlessly, while others struggle and sweat constantly, and their magick seems to work sporadically. Number one, practice makes perfect. Number two, if you REALLY want something with your whole heart and all of your energy, you are very likely to get it. Focus is the key, if your whole heart and energy are focused on getting something, it's a lot more effective than if you just feel it would be "neat" to get this, or you would like to have that. NEED IS AN IMPORTANT FACTOR! The more need you have for something, the less energy you have to add into the spell to get it.

When you get to the point where you can ask for something, and get it - when whatever you need comes to you and your life is going smoothly - this is a sign that you are mastering spellcrafting. AND it is also a sign that you had better be very careful what it is you ask for!

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