by Lady Bridget, 1997

Cycles of the Moon
Moon PhaseUsed ForDuration
WaxingIncrease - to draw to you or make something growfrom day after New Moon to the day before Full Moon
WaningDecrease - to make something smaller or to banishfrom second day after Full Moon to the day before the New Moon from 2 days after the Full Moon to the day before the New Moon
Full MoonEnergy at highest power - when the need is greatthe night before, the night of, and the night after are all high energy times
New MoonTo start new projects or ideasthe first night when just the first tiniest sliver can be seen
Dark of the Moontime for very secret, inner workings, for meditations on your inner selfthe night before the New Moon, when the moon cannot be seen at all

New Moons always occur in the same astrological sign that the sun is in, and the Full Moon is always in the opposite sign (6 signs away). For example: When the sun is in Virgo, the New Moon is also in Virgo and the Full Moon is in Pisces, Virgo's opposite. There is not enough room here to go into Astrology, but it is a good idea generally to make sure that aspects are favorable for you when you plan to do a major working. Just as you would check the weather before planning an event, it's a good idea to check your upcoming horoscope as well.

Avoid starting any magickal working when the Moon is "void of course". This means that the Moon is in between astrological signs, and the energies are not well defined. Also avoid working magick on an eclipse! This will cause a fairly high degree of "Aunt Clara's"... what we call magickal workings that have gone awry!

If you must do an increase spell during the waning moon, get a black candle and burn it for at least 15 minutes first to create a vacuum to draw what you want into it. It won't work as well, but try it if you are desperate.

***********WORK SMARTER, NOT HARDER *************

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