by Lady Bridget, 1998

There are an incredible amount of Spiritual Supplies that are available to you. Many Wiccans are totally unaware of these supplies, what one does with them, or where they can be purchased or made. This list is by no means complete, but it just gives you an idea of what is out there for your use.

I have been introduced to many of the different candles, washes, sprays, salts, etc. through visiting local spiritual supply shops in my area that cater to religious establishments. Look around for your local "clergy" store, or "botanica" shop and you may be very suprised at what is out there for you to discover. (Remember when visiting the shops of religions other than your own, to be respectful of their ways.)

Then of course, if you can't find it locally, try here!

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Spiritual Washes

(not for a physical cleaning)
This uses color and aroma to leave the special energy you want, wherever you want it: beds, floors, doorknobs, clothes, etc. Comes in many colors and energies - house blessing, money blessing, protection, peaceful home, etc.

To use for housecleaning, use full strength on any surface that will not be harmed by water. Wipe down with a towel or sponge wet with the wash. For floors use whole bottle to one gallon of filtered water: for tile floors, linoleum, etc. When finished with inside washing - use mundane broom dipped in wash to sweep outside doors, patio, or garage. This is a spiritual wash only - heavy scrubbing is not needed. Get the corners!

House blessing is great to include in a house blessing ritual. Money blessing is good also to wash your floors, or add to your laundry when washing your favorite "lottery" or "bingo" shirt.

For a spray - use 2 oz. wash to 6 oz. filtered water in clean spray bottle. Spray corners of all rooms and closets - especially corners under beds. Spray garage and fence corners, and outside corners of house, mailbox, property lines, car tires, etc. For laundry - mix 1 bottle wash to 1 gal. filtered water and 3 cups can go in final rinse of the clothes. (NOTE: Please be sure to read all labels and make sure that your clothes will not be harmed by adding to the wash!)

More uses of the wash are: wipe insides of wallets, purses, pocketbooks, new checkbook covers (use full strength on a towel) with the money washes.

Any time you get an item you're not sure of, with questionable intentions or origins, wash it, and anoint it to remove any negative energy that may have been imprinted.

Wash new furniture or your new home before you move in.

Spiritual Baths, Salts, and Sands

Salt is the most respected element for cleansing & protection.

For bathing- use 3 heaping tablespoons for half the bath or 6 for full bath. To make your own, see the article on spiritual baths which has a baths salts recipe in it. This can also be sprinkled in the corners of rooms, closets, drawers, garages, in cars, or outside on corners of house, mailbox, property lines, etc. Also it can be sprinkled on any item sent to cross you up. Can be put into mesh bags and put in closets or cars to energize surroundings.

To make house blessing bowl

Use pretty glass bowl or brandy snifter, clear glass, and it should be decorative. Dissolve enough sands (Usually "Angel Sand" is used for this) so the color remains strong. Dissolve in a small amount of hot water, then fill with cold water to cool. You can add crystals to the bottom of the bowl, or seashells, marbles, really anything that pleases you. Keep it in the most used rooms of the house. Legend says this absorbs negative energy and projects positive energy. When it gets cloudy, throw it out a back window or take out and dump it behind the house. Clean out the glass before refilling.

Image Candles

These are candles created in the image of a person, or parts of persons. They come in a variety of colors, such as red, black, white, and green. I occasionally see them in other colors, but those are the most common ones found. These candles are used to represent a person (yourself mainly) for a candle magick spell.

Uses for an image candle can include helping you lose weight - burning the candle can symbolize burning off the pounds. They can be used for healing, to represent the sick person, and to heal the afflictred area. Especially if you have to do a distance healing where the person has given you permission but can't be present at the ritual.

Other candles come in the shape of part of the human genitals, and also human skulls. The genitalia candles can be used for fertility magick, or for a ritual to help with a sexual dysfunction. Skull candles can be used to aid students in remembering test questions and studying, as they can be symbolic of the brain. There are of course, many other uses for these candles which I'm sure you can think of on your own!

7 Knob Candles

These candles are well known for their specific shape also. They have 7 bulges, or knobs that looked like 7 circles stacked on top of each other. These candles are wonderful for spells that will take 7 days, or 14 days to complete. An example of this was a weight loss spell I did for myself during the waning moon, using a black 7 knob candle. Every night after my ritual bath, I lit the candle and let the knob burn halfway, while concentrating and visualizing my goal - a thinner me! I did this for 14 days, from right after Full Moon to New Moon, and followed up my efforts with increased exercise and more portion control in my meals. This spell worked well for me, as I lost the weight I wanted to lose. The candle was a helpful tool because it automatically marked the divisions for me, so I didn't have to worry about how long I let it burn down and distract me from my mental work.

Two Color Candles

Most of these will be either red and black, or green and black, and are used as a "reversal" candle. (See the article on "Negative" Magick and How to Reverse It.) Red and black is used for reversing negative energies that may be sent your way. The green and black is for reversing bad fortune or bad luck that you may be experiencing. The black half usually burns first, to free you from the negaitve influences, then the colored half will burn afterwards to fill the space created with the positive energies you seek. These are useful tools for those kinds of spells.

Remember, that's all these are, tools. They don't in themselves work the magick, that comes from you. These are only to help you focus, and have fun, and be more effective.

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