by Lady Bridget, 1997

Days of the Week
DayPlanetary RulerAttributes
Monday Moon feminine, changes, emotions, secrets, dealing with women.
Tuesday Marsenthusiasm, energy, passion, protection, competition, anything requiring aggression or determination.
Wednesday Mercury law, education, travel, thinking, communications, dealing with siblings, medical.
Thursday Jupiterincrease (be careful what you ask for, you will get it in LARGE measure!) good luck, gambling, speculation, merciful, long distance travel.
Friday Venus love, luxury, beauty, decorating, shopping for romantic or creative things, pleasure.
SaturdaySaturn long term stuff, career,institutions (such as prisons, hospitals marriage), investments, lords of Karma, good day for a reversal spell.
SundaySun wishes, success, happiness, all-purpose, no secretive work on Sunday.

To use this table, pick the day of the week that seems to fit the theme of your magickal working the best. For example: a spell for a new job could be done on a Tuesday if there are a lot of people applying for the position you want. Or if the job has to do with computers, then a Wednesday might be better. If the job involves traveling, then you may want to use Thursday. Understand that it is important that YOU be satisfied with the reason you picked that day, and that it makes sense to YOU. Taking the time to think through what is the best day will add more impetus and energy to your spell.

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