Where can I find great music.....?

album cover"In Her Sacred Space", by Lady Bridget
18 original songs in the folk style, with guitarists and harmony vocals, evoking the feeling of festival campfires and bardic circles. Lady Bridget and her two daughters have clear vocals and uplifting lyrics. (Click on the "ordering info" to scroll to the bottom of the page to order, available in CD or Cassette tape format.)

album cover "Emerald Rose", by the Celtic group, Emerald Rose.

I have had the great pleasure of seeing this band perform on their "home turf" and they are truly wonderful people, and have a great celtic sound with a Wiccan flair.

album cover "Bending Tradition", by Emerald Rose.
Another album by this group, with more Pagan oriented material, as well as more traditional sounding material. The last song, "Hills of America" always makes me cry, very moving and beautiful.

album cover "Goddess Chant", by Shawna Carol

This album has seven positive reviews on Amazon, and is one that will grace any collection and be a favorite over and over.

album cover "Ancient Mother", by Robert Gass and On Wings of Song

This album has many different chants in various styles to many aspects of the Goddess, there is something for everyone on this album. I have listened to this while driving, while setting and taking down our festival campsites, and have bellydanced to some of these numbers!

album cover "Fire and Stone: Pagan Rock Volume 1", by various artists

This CD is the first-ever compilation of contemporary music by pagan musicians. Styles range from folk-rock to progressive rock, representing nine independent artists from the USA and Australia.

album cover "Come Down", by Velvet Hammer

This truly wonderful band has performed at many Festivals and has now changed their name to "Dreamtrybe" but their music continues to be moving, soul stirring, and fabulous. The drums in their songs are their heartbeat, and the lyrics are beautiful. Looking forward to more albums by this group.

album cover "Incantations" by Sharon Knight

"At last! A hip and holy musician that's sexy, smart, and decisively Pagan. Knight's "Incantation" ignites the inner vision; her songs are inspiring and richly spiritual. Her technique blends the ancient and modern, and has a strong Celtic-fusion feel that evokes Dead Can Dance, Loreena McKennitt, and touches of Led Zeppelin."

-- Green Egg, Oct. 1996

album cover "Spirit" by Caroline Lavelle

From funk to classic folk, Ms Lavelle's vocals really stand out, a beautiful and strong feminine voice. Her lyrics are of equal caliber, and I have heard that she is touring now with Loreena McKennitt. Looking forward to more albums from this lovely lady.

album cover "Wytches" by Inkubus Sukkubus

Don't let the name scare you off, this heavy rock band has some wonderful witchy songs, and also other goth type albums. If you love rock, you gotta hear this album. Fortunately you can, their website has MP3's that you can download and hear before buying.

album cover "Chants: Ritual Music" by Reclaiming and Friends

One of the best chants albums you will ever find, these are the chants and songs that you hear again and again at Pagan festivals and circles. Ever wanted to KNOW all the words to that chant that you can only remember the chorus of? Well, all the words are included with the album so you don't have to guess!

album cover "The Music of Gwydion" by Gwydion Penderwen

Gwydion has gone to the Summerland, but his music will live on for lifetimes. THE premier Bard of our era, his songs have inspired so many people. You have probably heard many of his songs redone by other artists, and this CD contains the songs of both his tapes, Faerie Shaman and Songs of the Old Religion. I am so happy that these have been made available again, this is music that should never be lost.

album cover "Welcome to Annwyn" by Deborah & Rick Hamouris and Friends

Another of the original inspiring tapes of our era, this one was dedicated to Gwydion after his passing. Many of these chants and songs have become known throughout the world, these are the original versions.

album cover "Carry Me Home" by Todd Alan

Todd Alan is a veteran of the Pagan Festivals and I have seen him perform quite a few times. This album is just one of many of his, and all are professionally produced and professional quality. He takes songs and lyrics that others have written and gives them an inspired feeling and a new face. Many old favorites have gotten a "sound lift" from Todd's many talents.

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