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book cover"Wheel of the Year: Living the Magical Life", by Pauline and Dan Campanelli.
Any book by these authors is a "must" as far as I am concerned, and I think I own them all. But this book, and the one that follows, are the two I use the most for writing Sabbats, and for finding crafts and decorative ideas.

book "Ancient Ways: Reclaiming Pagan Traditions", by Pauline and Dan Campanelli.
The companion book to "Wheel of the Year", but definitely not a repeat of information. There is more here; more ideas, more folklore and folk traditions, and more practical and step-by-step guidelines for making so many Sabbat decorations and activities. Do you know how to make Pysanky eggs? How about corn dollies for Lammas? I love this book!

book "Rites of Passage: The Pagan Wheel of Life", by Pauline and Dan Campanelli.
Another winner from the Campanelli's, this book gives you not only rituals for rites of passage that can be adapted to your own needs, but also the history of how these rituals evolved, and why so many societies deem them a necessary part of life.

book Earth Prayers : From Around the World, 365 Prayers, Poems, and Invocations for Honoring the Earth by Elizabeth J. Roberts (Editor), Elias L. Amidon (Editor)
This book is a fantastic resource for ritual poetry, and themes for Sabbats or Esbats. When you are writing your own rituals, either for yourself, your group, or for a public community ritual, you will need this one. It contains invocations for all the elements, as well as Native American prayers, and also poetry honoring the seasons, and the earth.

book Magical Rites from the Crystal Well by Ed. Fitch
Wonderful rituals that you can use just as they are, or adapt into your own tradition. We have used many of these rituals, or snips of them, in our own. Anything by Ed Fitch is bound to be worthwhile having.

book cover "The 21 Lessons of Merlin: A Study In Druid Magic and Lore", by Douglas Monroe.
"An excellent guide to the sorcery of Merlin, and a history of Druid Magick and Druid Lore, this book also contains many of the roots of our Welsh-Celtic Wicca. Many of our myths may have been derived from early Druid sources, since the Druids were said to be the counterpart to the Priestesses of Avalon."

book cover"The Witches God: Lord of the Dance", by Janet and Stewart Farrar.
These next two books are wonderful reference guides for working with Dieties and different pantheons. Useful for researching your Craft name as well as for which God is strongest in which aspects. Wonderful mythology and well researched.

book cover"The Witches Goddess: The Feminine Principle of Divinity", by Janet and Stewart Farrar.
The "Goddess" version of the previous book, I own both of these and have used them often for references.

book "Aradia; Gospel of the Witches", by Charles Leland.
Written in the 19th century, this contains the first version of the well known "Charge of the Goddess", as well as many spells, charms, and practices of Italian witchcraft of that time period. This book is often mentioned in the bibliographies of other works, and is one of the sources of today's revival of the Craft.

book cover"Way of the Strega" , by Raven Grimassi.
A marvelous book on the Stregan tradition of Witchcraft, written by a Stregan High Priest and teacher of many years. This book reveals many little known details of this ancient Italian tradition of Witchcraft that has survived almost unchanged from before the Inquisition. Did you know there were three different traditions within the Strega? Read this one to find out more.

book cover"The Wiccan Mysteries: Ancient Origins and Teachings", by Raven Grimassi.
The second book on the Stregan traditions by this author, and a very solid, and satisfying read. Not a rehash of what others have said, this brings a new perspective to an old tradition.

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