by Lady Therese, © 1997

Before looking for your aura you need to know what you're looking for, or its like looking for a needle in a hay stack. The Aura is actually an energy field that surrounds your physical body. All living creatures have this energy field. Some are wide spread, others are not. It really depends on the person or thing.

The aura is three dimensional, and extends out from your body, so you may see more then one color at a time. The healthier you are, physically and spiritually, the more vibrant your energy will be, the further the aura will extend out, and the better you will feel. Don't expect to see something right away, it takes practice, practice, practice and a few good guinea pigs. Some people never see colors and are only able to feel the aura. If you find that you don't know if what you're feeling is your aura, then move your hands towards and away from your body. You should feel a difference - if not, go slower and move your hands further. The difference may feel like heat, or simply a slight resistance. Take the time to try this.

It is important to learn what can weaken your aura so that you can repair it. Many times we feel tired and drained and have no understanding of why. Because the aura extends further out than your skin, sometimes from three to fifteen feet, it can be influenced or touched by other people's auras. Many times you will know that "someone is there" behind you or around you because you felt their aura touch yours. Because of this, you should clean your aura often (we will discuss that below) in order to prevent it from picking up stray strands of other people's problems/negativity/illnesses through contact. Have you ever felt a coldness over part of your body? You may have weakened your aura in one particular place and if you can repair it your symptoms will go away.

Your Aura is weakened by these factors:

  1. Poor diet (not balanced food groups)
  2. Lack of exercise (exercise doesn't consist of typing at the computer)
  3. Lack of fresh air (a/c doesn't count as fresh air)
  4. Lack of rest (sleep)
  5. Stress (mental or physical)
  6. Alcohol (more then two drinks per week) (Ritual wine counts)
  7. Drugs (of any type)
  8. Tobacco (I know this one hurts, I smoke)
  9. Negative habits (body and mind)
  10. Being around negative people (whose auras contact yours)
  11. Visiting the sick or imprisoned
  12. Improper psychic activity (you need to ground yourself)

Here are two ways to see your aura. The first is the Intuitive Manner which is the method of seeing your aura with your minds' eye. The visualization is within yourself. If you close your eyes you can visualize what your own energy field may look and feel like.

The second is the Objective Manner which is the method of seeing your aura with your physical eye. Yes, that means you open your eyes and look at yourself in a mirror and see energy surrounding you. (no negative self talk aloud in this exercise)

There are tools you can use to help you find where your aura is, though tools will require practice and familiarity. Dowsing rods are an extension of your eyes, providing visual clues that you can recognize more easily. They can be made with a willow branch or other traditional wood. You can take a limb that has a fork in it (with the tree's permission) and hold it loosely in your hands. Feel the vibration of the limb while circling around your body. You should be able to feel a difference in the vibrations moving the rod in and out around you.

A pendulum interacts with a particular energy field. You can use a necklace, a crystal, or almost anything that hangs from a string. Place the pendulum in your right hand and circle your body. Feel the difference in your vibrations and see how the pendulum swings.

If you look in a mirror, light a candle and close your eyes slightly and look at your outer self to see if you see any colors. Colors closest to the physical body usually reflect physical conditions, while outer colors reflect emotional, mental and spiritual energies. The clearer and more pastel the colors the better.

Muddier and thicker colors reflect imbalances, or over activity. Dark colors and bright ones indicate high energy levels.

There is often more than one color in the aura. Remember that when you look at someone else's aura you are looking through your own. So keeping that in mind, you will need to know what color your aura is before deciding what color someone else's could be.

Here are some basic colors and what they can mean if you see them.

strong energy, fire, primal creative force, a strong passion, strong mind and will. Can reflect anger, love, hate and unexpected changes.
temper, aggression
warmth, creativity, emotions, courage, joy. An opening new awareness
pride, worry, vanity
optimism, mental activity, wisdom, intellect, enthusiasm, spiritual development.
too much thinking, over critical, feeling deprived
sensitivity, growth, sympathy, calm, reliable, dependable, open-minded, having a healing ability
uncertainty, jealousy
calm, quietness, devotion, truth, lighter shade means active imagination, deeper shade means sense of loneliness, royal blue means honesty, good judgment
blocked perceptions, rushing
warmth, the blending of heart and mind with physical and spiritual, independence, intuition a need to overcome something, intense erotic imagination, over bearing
compassion, love, purity, joy, comfort, love of art and beauty
immaturity, lack of truthfulness
truth, purity, cleansing and purifying oneself
needs cleansing
initiation, a movement toward unveiling inability's, intuition
physical imbalances, secretive
above head and around feet means reflects new growth, a desire to accomplish something. across face or touching the head means lack of discrimination. if seen in areas of charkras means those centers need to be cleansed.
the person is protecting themselves, a new understanding of burdens. seen in the outer edges it means holes in the field.
great creativity and fertility

If you find that your aura is weak try these steps to strengthen it:

To strengthen, using one of the above methods, expose your entire aura to it, focusing on feeling your aura becoming whole and strong.

Next are some methods that can be used to protect your aura from becoming weak. There will be times when you feel the need to do some of these things. Practice them before the need arises, you'll be glad you did.

  1. CLOSE YOURSELF = Physically cross legs and ankles, and place your hands so that your thumbs and index fingers are touching. You can make it look as natural as possible so no one will know what you're doing. This pulls your aura into yourself, and decreases the contact with other people in the room. You may want to do this if you feel you want to "detach" from the group for any reason.

  2. BALANCE = Breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth. Also running your hands up and down your chakras (or in front and in back of your body about two inches above your skin) and visualizing white light cleansing you.

  3. CLEANSING = (This can be done daily) As you sit relaxed, breath deeply. Above you form in your minds eye a small whirlwind of white fire (like a tunnel shape). Make it larger, so that the whole tunnel should be large enough to encompass your entire auric field. A small end of the tunnel should be visualized as capable of entering through the crown and passing down the middle pillar of your body. See the whirlwind of fire rotating and spinning clockwise. As it touches your aura, see it sucking up and burning off all of the energy debris you've accumulated. See, feel and imagine it moving down, over and through your entire aura and body. Know that it is sweeping your energy field clean. As it moves through your body, allow this energy vortex to exit out through your feet down into the earth itself. See the vortex as carrying this energy debris into the lower realms, used to fertilize and benefit the lower kingdoms of life.

    Here is a way to build up your auric field by chanting.

    15 to 20 minute Mantras chant

    Mantra is Sanskrit meaning for charm or spell. The power of sound will change your aura for healing or higher consciousness. The vibration of the chant will set up forces for purifying and refining your field.

    Most powerful mantra of all. It corresponds to the Egyptian amen and actually represents the name of the devine Logos. Om is the Sanskrit word for the SPARK OF LIFE ITSELF.

    The jewel in the Lotus
    It is believed to be a link to the energies of the Chinese Goddess Kwan Yin, the protector and healer of Children. The 6 syllables of the mantra activate energies for transforming debris within your aura into a fortified force. It balances emotions and assists in healing the body.
    OM = link to Kwan Yin
    MANI = impervious to harm or change, the highest value within the mind. Enlightenment with compassion and love.
    PADME = spiritual unfoldment and awakening of finer energies.
    HUM = the finite within the infinite. The potential of the auric field. Awakens your sensitivity to energies around you.

    Close eyes and as you inhale, sound the mantra silently to yourself. As you then exhale, sound it out projecting it outward, syllable by syllable. Find your own rhythm. (It is recommended that you exhale for twice as long as your inhaling breath to avoid hyperventilating. )

    Practicing good "auric hygiene" will strengthen your aura, which is also your natural defense against disease, depression, being "unlucky", and negativity. Being aware of your aura, and that of others, will help to develop your psychic abilities. Learning to discern where weaknesses are in the auric field and strengthening them can help you to ward off disease, or to identify "malaise" if you feel tired or "out of sorts". Some people learn to "see" future diseases that will occur in the body by reading them in the auric field, since they will appear there first, before the physical symptoms even start. Repairing those areas can aleviate the disease from ever happening.

    Bear in mind that these techniques are to be practiced, you can't expect to be an expert in one day! But a few weeks of daily practice will yield you results, so be patient and be diligent. The reward is better health and greater awareness of the unseen fields all around you.


    "How To See And Read The Aura" by Ted Andrews
    "How To See And Read The Human Aura" by Judith Collins

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