by Lady Bridget, 1997

Now, we will add the vibrations of colors to the days of the week.
White Monday purity, truth, spirituality, prayer, all purpose. (white contains all colors, so can substitute for any other color if needed)
Red Tuesday strength, health, vigor, enthusiasm, passion, love, life, protection
Blue Thursday tranquility, peace, calm, health, psychic ability
Green Friday finance, luck, fertility, money, work, health, creativity, beauty
Gold/Yellow Sunday attraction, charm, confidence, success, speaking, (can be used on Wednesday for study & communication),mental energy, intellectual, use for a "thank you", and for "passing over"
Brown Saturday long-term work, stability, control, thrift, determination, endurance, E.S.P., concentration
Pink any day honor, true love, morality, psychic healing, forgiveness of self or another, healing guilt, grace (graceful), friendship, good to use for "thank you" candle color
Black Saturday freedom from evil, endings, release, break bad habits or blocks, certain times when black is used for new things
Purple Wednesday power, conquering, ambition, business progress, law, psychic ability
Silver/Grey Monday neutralizing, burn grey if you do a spell that doesn't come out quite like you expected, confusion, good for relaxing pressure and tension
Orange Sunday encouragement, stimulation, controlling, adaptability, success, confidence, for special favors

Use the colors in the same way that you pick the other elements of your spell. You can choose to use the color that goes with the day you have picked, or you can choose another color if you feel that vibration is more in tune with your working. Again, the important thing is that it makes sense to YOU, and that you understand why you are doing it this way.

Be consistant with your colors. Focus on one aspect at a time for your magick, otherwise the energy will be too scattered and you may not accomplish your goal.

DayGem or Stone
Mondaysnow quartz or clear quartz, silver, moonstone
Tuesdayruby, garnet, bloodstone, herkimer diamond
Wednesdayamethyst or agate. (if using yellow for Wednesday use citrine or pyrite)
Thursdayblue lace agate, lapis lazuli, sappire, calcite
Fridayemerald, jade, green aventurine, malachite; for pink use rose quartz
Saturdaytiger eye, carnelian, agate, fairy crosses, apache tears, obsidian, smoky quartz
Sundayorange adventurine, pyrite, citrine, tiger eye

You can use a stone that also suits your purposes if you like. This is not a must, but do remember that the more energy you put into your spell, the better the end results.

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