Beltane Preparation

@ Lady Bridget 1997

This particular Beltane ritual was written for a group to perform, and it involves a High Priest and High Priestess, several ladies and men, and also a couple to play the parts of the Goddess and God.

For supplies, other than your usual altar supplies you will need a green scarf, or a wreath that has flowers on it which can be easily taken out, but this is is optional. You can do the "scarf chase" with either the scarf, or the wreath, or use your own variation on this theme.

If you are doing the May pole, you will of course need a pole of some sort, wood is recommended, at least 15 feet high, but not more than 21 feet is recommended, and some way to dig a hole to sink it in the earth. You will also need additional oil for annointing the earth, and the pole, as well as as many ribbons as you have participants dancing. You can do the Maypole dance either during the ritual or in the afternoon before the ritual, it is flexible.

For dancing the Maypole, you will also need to set up some taped music, or have music provided, see the file on introduction for the best choices.

It is customary for the ladies to wear a floral wreath on their heads, and many men will wear a bright sash. Bright robes are customary for this time of year, or many groups are either skyclad, or wearing only sashes and skirts or scarves. Sexy is the order of the day!

The altar should have fresh flowers on it, and you can decorate the quaters also with fresh flowers and the outer rim of the circle with flower petals if you desire.

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