Ostara Preparation

@ Lady Bridget 1997

This is a group ritual, and has parts for High Priest, High Priestess, 4 watchtower people, and other parts can be assigned to other people as needed.

You will need (aside from regualar altar supplies and seasonal decorations): colored eggs with runes on them (enough for one each minimum). basket to keep the eggs in.

The eggs can be colored prior to ritual by your group, and adorned with the appropriate rune or symbol to go with the color. This can be done as a group activity, but the eggs do take more than a few hours to dry, so do plan to do this at least 8 hrs prior to ritual, or the day before would actually be best. We had our students do them and had each bring a dozen.. that way there was plenty for all who came and plenty for feast later.

The meditation journey can be actually done in circle if you wish to have the participants weave their own basket for the eggs they will pick. In that case, practice beforehand so you can instruct everyone, and you will need to provide or have people bring basket weaving material.

Or you could put a "myth play" on regarding one of the many goddesses returning from the underworld which tie in to this time of year in many parts of the country. (We are in Florida, so our Goddesses return at Imbolc!)

In any case, the ritual is there for you to use, rewrite, or substitute whatever you wish.

Blessed Be and Happy Ostara!

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