Preparation For Litha Ritual

@ Lady Bridget 1997

In our tradition, of the Welsh-Celtic as practiced by the Witch and Famous Coven, we traditionally celebrate Litha at the beach. Being located in South Florida, this is easy and natural for us to do. We meet a little before sunrise on the morning of the Solstice, and gather together all our beach supplies, towels, etc, and head "en masse" towards the water.

At an appropriately secluded spot, if one can be found, we set up our towels and assorted sundries. We do not wear robes for this, but we do wear regular clothes and bathing suits. Next year, we hope to do this at the Nudist Beach in Miami, and so do away with the bathing suits altogether. We also do not take any ritual altar tools, unless these need to be cleansed or consecrated in the water. We don't set up an altar, or otherwise cast a circle. This is in part because it is a public area, and we have been approached at times by Christians professing to be worried about our souls. If there are no overt signs to alarm people, most will ignore us and pass on. Occasionally we will be joined by a solitary Pagan who also came this morning to worship and didn't know anyone else existed! They were drawn to us because they saw us dancing in a circle in the water, and could hear what we were chanting. That is always a wonderful experience.

We bring nuts and pennies or dimes, also flowers, jewelry, and any other offerings we deem appropriate. We honor Aphrodite and Yemaya as Goddesses of the Sea by tossing the flowers, pennies and dimes, and old jewelry into the Sea as a way of thanking the Goddesses, and the Gods, Neptune and Posiedan, for all we have received from the Sea. We remember that we are nourished by the Sea everyday, and that all life came from the Sea.

I have not written an elaborate ritual for Litha for this reason. I could, but I am keeping within our practices and want to show you that there are other ways to worship besides always in the same circle and space. Sacred Space is where you make it and proclaim it to be, and keep it Sacred.

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