Imbolc Preparation

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For this ritual, we had at least 4 people to perform the Myth of Persephone and also a HP and HPS, but they can double up and do some of the Myth parts as well. Also, you will need 1 white candle for each person. We suggest using the small "hurricane tapers" or the kosher candles that are about 4" long. Cut paper circles out and stick the candles through them ahead of time so that no one gets burned by wax, or if you have sufficient candlesticks, of course use those!

For Brid's Bed, please refer to "Ancient Ways" and "Wheel of the Year" by Dan and Pauline Campanelli, they are usually in the local library. These are excellent books on the traditions and practices associated with all the old holidays and with the seasons. Well researched and easy to read and understand, these are highly recommended to add to your research library! If you are not "crafty" then you can sometimes purchase a doll made from straw that is ok to use. Making your own doll from corn or wheat and the clothes to fit her are a great coven project! Her bed can be a basket that has been decorated and lined. This doll can be used over and over each Imbolc, as ours is, and the wishes from the previous year stay with her in the bed until the following year, when we read our own, reflect on how it has manifested for us, and then burn the old wishes.

So for this part of the ritual you will need, either in addition to or instead of Brid's Bed, a small cauldron, parchment paper, and pens.

If you wish, you can have people bring their own candles for blessing. We usually have one person bring the white candles, one buys some packages of seeds, one brings parchment squares and pens, and then cakes and/or wine is assigned to others. Seeds can now be purchased at discount stores for very little money, and are a wonderful symbolic tool.

You will notice there is no initiation ceremony in this ritual. Ours is done privately and individually, and so has no place in an outer court circle.

By the way, in the myth, we explain that Persephone ate three seeds so she stays away in the underworld for three months. If your winter season is longer than that, please amend this so it is correct for your area. We have used the adaptation of the patriarchal myth in this case for our Sabbat, but you can certainly redo the myth to use the matriarchal version if you desire, or change to whatever myth suites you.

These are presented only in the spirit of sharing and of teaching, and are not meant to be taken as the absolute gospel of what a coven should do for ritual. We change our outer court Sabbats from year to year, and rewrite them, or do entirely new ones when it suits us.

Thank you for allowing us to share ours with you!

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