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Book reviews are by Lady Bridget, unless otherwise noted.

Simplified Magic : A Beginners Guide to the New Age Qabala by Ted Andrews
An excellent introduction to the Jewish mysticism known as the Kabala or Qabala, Andrews writing is clear and easily understood. He has diagrams and excercises designed to help the reader not only to learn about the Kabalah, but also to learn to integrate it's uses into their lives.

More Simplified Magic : Pathworking and the Tree of Life by Ted Andrews
The companion book to Simplified Magick, this takes the foundation of the first book and expands upon it. Once you have understood, for example, the spheres and their influences, then it is time to explore the 22 paths that link the spheres, and what are symbolized by these paths also. This book teaches the way of Pathworking, not only how to do it, but also the techniques needed to write your own Pathworkings. There is also companion tape for this book called "Enter the Tree of Life" which I have been told provides an excellent introductory level meditation to Malkuth. Many people have found it a useful tool, but you may have to order it through your local pagan bookstore.

The Witch's Qabala by Ellen Cannon Reed
This is a very valuable book for Wiccans to learn about the Kabala, in that Ellen has taken the spheres and paths and the Jewish God names and associated them with their Wiccan counterparts. Many people who would otherwise be uncomfortable with the Jewish mysticism of the Kabala can now make use of it's magickal system using Reed's easily understandable descriptions. Knowledge of the Kabala is necessary to many Wiccan traditions, for the magickal system, for further study of the Tarot, and also for it's close associations with many other magickal systems. This book puts that knowledge into an easily understandable format for Wiccans.

These are the books that I can recommend on the Kabala, there are probably many other ones that are equally good but I have not read those. If you have read a book that you are willing to recommend, please email Lady Bridget with the information.

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