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book cover"Wishcraft: How To Get What You Really Want", by Barbara Sher and Amie Gottlieb.
The true magick happens in your mind - your thoughts control your reality, and how you react to things. This book takes you step-by-step through the process of deciding what you want, how you want it, and how you can make it happen. A very practical, and useful tool for developing your magickal and wishing abilities.

book "Wicca Candle Magick", by Gerina Dunwich.

For beginners, but use your judgement about whether a spell is right for you to do. I have not read this book myself, I am relying on other's judgement. There are a lot of spells in here!

book cover "Practical Candleburning Rituals", by Raymond Buckland.
This is good for learning to do candlemagick, and also there are two versions of each spell so you can choose the one that suits your religious preference. However, use your intuition, it is my feeling that some elements of spells have been left out, that might improve the working, but they will work the way they are written as well. Just be aware that if you feel that something should be added to any working, go ahead and do it that way.


book cover "Spells and How They Work", by Janet and Stewart Farrar.

This is a comprehensive guide to spellcasting, covering all aspects of magickal working. The Farrar's are excellent authors, as their books testify.

book "Candle Magick", by Charmaine Dey.

A book that is a must for anyone who is seriously interested in utilizing candle magick. It goes into the candles themselves, the different types and how to use them, symbols, color lore, plantary influences, and more. It's the only book you really need for candle magick - you can plan your entire ritual - you've got everything all in one book and easily accessible.

----Lady Therese
(Note: This book is no longer in print as far as I can find, please look for it in your used bookstores! If it ever does come back out, please let me know! - Lady Bridget)

book "Positive Magic: Occult Self Help", by Marion Weinstein.

This book is so "white light" that there is not a negative vibe in this whole book! However, there is a lot of knowledge and understanding of what magick really is, and how you can use it to help yourself in your everyday life.

book "A Witch Alone: 13 Moons to Master Natural Magic", by Marian Greene.

I absolutely love this book! It is one of those that, even years later, I have gone back to it to read it again. Marian Greene is a woman with an excellent education of mind and heart. This writing is specifically geared to the solitary witch, however, much of the knowledge is basic and profound, and useful to anyone. A book that truly will awaken ancient wisdom.


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