Younger Self

by Quartz © 2000

Leap, Jump, Skip and Run.
The time of our youth,
the day of the sun.

Worry, dispair, fret and die.
A graduate of life,
the night turns to sky.

To be born again,
as the dawn is new,
as time moves on,
the sky to blue.

To grow and grow
and leap and jump
and skip and
run through life
like the blazing sun.

Hold fast to youth,
for it holds the key,
to life most full
through eternity.

As the sun does rise
so shall it set,
and the sky will grow
even darker yet.

When youth is lost,
dark it stays.
For we have lost the passion
for the dawn of day.

Listen to me,
and to what I say,
when the voice inside
wants out to play,
remember the light
of the rising sun,

Leap, Jump, Skip, and Run.

Blessed Be!

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