Invocation to the Three-Fold One

by Seleneicthon, from "Spokes of the Wheel", © 1979

Maiden, Maiden, robed in light
Rejoice with us, this Sabbat night
Beauty Thy shield, and love Thy sword
Hath vanquished even death's dark Lord.
We bow before Thy gentle might.

Thy youthful joy doth never fade
Be welcome, oh Crone, sweet Mother, and Maid!

Mother Goddess, clad in green
Our circle Thy court, oh gracious Queen
All that lives comes forth from Thee
And dying returns - as the drop to the sea.
Rule Heaven, rule Hell, and the wide worlds between.

Thy lunar crown will light our scene,
Come and bless us Old Crone, sweet Maiden, and Queen.

Ancient Crone, in tatters old
Thy lore is bitter, Thy rede is cold
In wisdom fabled beyond our ken
Thou holdest wake over Gods and men
Then layest them down, to rest, in the mould.

With Thy wisdom be with us - Maid, Mother, and Crone!

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