by K.Shaw, copyright 2002

The cold north wind begins to blow
Lady Winter pulls up her blanket of snow
She tucks the land in nice and tight
The land then sleeps through winter's plight

For several months the land will sleep
But hush my darling don't you weep
Soon...the land agian will wake
Lovely flowers Mother Spring doth make

She sends her warm, nurshing showers
That are full of her growing powers
The snow crocus is the first to wake
From it's head, winter's plight it doth shake

At this time the faries begin thier work
and thier chores they never sherk
They wake the land and paint it bright
So open your eyes and enjoy the sight!

The days begin to grow longer
As summers sun grows stronger
Children play in the sprinklers stream
As summer birds sit and preen.

Summers end is drawing near
The fall colors will soon be here
Autumn comes with it's colorful arrays
And the night begins to overtake the days

Then tha days begin to cool
For this is Mother Natures rule
The leaves turn red, yellow, brown and gold
As summers days begin to grow old

Jack Frost prepares his paints and brush
The animals begin their harvest rush
Lady Winter again will soon be here
But don't you cry my little dear.

For the circle of seasons you see
Are ment for the enjoyment of you and me
For Mother Nature is fair and wise
And she always creates a new surprise!!!

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