My Meeting With The Lady

by K.Shaw, copyright 2002

While walking in the woods so deep
I sat to rest and fell asleep
When I awoke to my surprise
The most beautiful sight was before my eyes

My heart was filled with wonder and joy
I thought I must be the luckiest boy!
She rode upon a shining unicorn
As she went she blew a golden horn

Come follow me it seemed to play
I heard her laughter so happy and gay
Out of sight she then rode
Of this Lady I'd been told

The Lady of the Woods so fine and fair
With long golden flowing hair
Features so fine and so pure
Within her hand is every cure

So I followed as fast as I could
And hoped I didn't lose her in the wood
The horn she blew was loud and clear
And I found her have no fear

As I stepped into the clearing
She turned to me her look endearing
"Come sit with me", she said and smiled
"You need not fear mr my sweet child"

So I sat and stared in awe
As she told me of Mother Natures law
And as the sun began to rise
I was back where I started to my surprise

Was she a dream? I wondered aloud
Maybe the shadow of a passing cloud?
Or just a trick of my sleepy eyes?
Or maybe the truth in what I'd thought were lies!

I looked around and there I saw
I bluebird with a small horn in its claw
Then I knew it was all true
Her I haven't forgotten as I grew.

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