My Goddess

by Lord Jacobus, 1999, All Rights Reserved

Some say the Goddess is a myth
Well, guess who I've been dancing with?
When e'er the Moon is full and bright
and blossoms fragrant fill the night,
a hush befalls the forest scene
as all await the star-kissed Queen.

Tiny lanterns light the sky
Would you believe that fire can fly?
A flicker here, a flashing there.
Blessed be, they're everywhere.
An opera house it seems to me
could not better lighted be.

A fat green frog upon a stump
loudly sings his measured "Grrump"
ever fearful he might miss
his one great chance to steal Her kiss.
A handsome Prince he would be.
"Just you wait, you'll see", says he.

There calls the owl from yonder oak
to summon forth the fairy folk,
Like fiddles fine their voices sweet
A string ensemble quite replete.
This score of music they shall play
t'will ne'er see the light of day.

A clangorus sound rudely arose
from tiny musicians drawing their bows.
The reeded horns like Banshee wails
shrieked while trumpets practiced scales;
yet from this rumbling jamboree
soon would come sweet harmony.

A natty crow upon the green
his feathered black Tuxedo preened
and strutting forth on rocky stage
turned the music's tattered page.
A tap, tap, tap from his baton
and discord sounds are all begone.

A silence such as rarely's been
stills the forest's darkened glen.
No sound from beast or feathered bird
not from sky nor earth is heard.
His baton like Wizard's wand held high
flits like some flighty butterfly.

A babbling brook begins the tune,
humming soft some ancient rune.
Then sweetly joins a cooing dove
who sings of her one true love.
Crickets too sound the beat.
Hear their tiny, drumming feet?

Moonbeams glimmer thru the trees.
Will I see Her? Please, Oh! Please.
Yes, it's Her; She's here! She's here!
I knew the Goddess would appear.
Radiant She stands in ethereal light,
and now begins the Sacred Rite.

The music swells to fill the air;
beguiling, alluring, abandon care!
Her sweet, sweet song beckons us all.
Exciting, delighting; hark to Her call.
Surrender I must and yield to romance.
It's my invitation to the Dance.

How softly her hand folds into mine.
Two hearts now beating in 3/4 time.
Her curtsy so graceful, her face so divine.
Tripping together our dance, Oh so sublime.
Clingingly, breathlessly, my Goddess turns
and for Her, my every fiber yearns.

When before my very eyes
I am struck in dumb surprise
for while we danced this magick night
with Goddess clothed in moonbeam's light
there I beheld the joy of my life;
somehow She changed into my Wife.

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