My God

by Lord Jacobus © 2000

I saw an eagle mount the sky
swoop and circle there on high.
He soared aloft with perfect grace,
the majesty of time and space.
So moved was I at this event
I beheld it like a sacrament.

In dawn's growing light,
below the mountain's towering height
came forth the stag of many tines,
and there stood he as if enthroned.
A lord in all these lands is he:
totally wild and totally free.

I climbed upon a rocky shore
to rest and weary heart restore.
When from the sea there swifly rose
a leviathan so mighty, in fear I froze.
Larger he than many a ship
slowly 'neath the waves did slip.

Peering off unto the West
clouds swirled there in mass unrest.
Lightening split the sky in twain,
And rumbled o'er the droughted plain.
Who starts these engines of the air
and who it is, has their care?

I sat beneath a giant tree of mystery
and pondered on its ancient history.
Who allows that it should grow
from seed smaller than my toe?
Ah! Here little caterpillar, you I spy
by whose law one day, you'll fly?

From restless scene I soon fled,
without a thought which path to tread.
My spirit yearning to break free,
driven by an endless search for Thee.
And though seeking far and wide,
Your face from me doth hide.

The lovely Goddess I know well,
for long ago beneath her spell I fell.
All that live are nurtured by that hand
and life springs forth at Her command.
Oh, How sweet life could be
Great Lord if you would come to me.

The Summer ended long and dry
and autumn entered next to beautify.
Fall finshed the "Dance of the Leaves"
and Winter's beauty the eye deceives.
The Sun's appointed rounds it kept,
the snows of Winter it quickly swept.

Spring bursts forth in glory arrayed,
Her annual promise not betrayed.
Nightly Heavens roll swiftly by,
with dazzling and bright bejeweled sky.
Who is He who adorns the Universe?
Who can thru time and space traverse?

Have I missed some giant plan;
some great and vast design for man?
Does He know that I'm alive
and is there a purpose for me to strive?
Is my life naught but death and chaos
hung from me like the dreaded albatross?

Yet how could I know the Unknowable?
Or conceive of the Inconceivable?
Perhaps there is some divine creating force
from whose laws there is no recourse.
Yet at times It seems quite fickle,
Leveling life and land like a sickle.

"Yes", He speaks, "in you I did place
one spark Divine and by My grace
this atom of My Holy Flesh shall yearn
forever seeking My body to return.
And thru all thy living days,
You shall seek to learn My laws and ways."

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