My Family

by Diana Silverbow ©

This family's made of normal people by light.
We turn into magical creatures by night,
Casting our spells with eerie delight
By the stars and the moon, shining bright.

I am the maiden who lures Unicorns.
I stroke their noses and long, graceful horns.
On my brow, a wreath of flowers adorns.
The roses, of course, have no thorns.

My son is a bundle of pure Impish joy.
Sometimes he's stubborn - won't share any toy.
And with the ladies he's a bit shy and coy.
My pride, my pleasure, my boy.

His daddy's an Ogre, Mother Nature's mistake.
His massively big hands he uses to take
Tall trees from their roots, on his knee to break.
A mess of the forest he'll make.

I have a best friend, and she is a Witch.
She laughs and she listens, but boy can she bitch.
Yet, not for another would ever I switch.
Spiritual sister, the Witch.

Her husband, a light-haired, blue-eyed Elf.
So lithe and so tall, he can reach the top shelf.
His sarcasm stings, so you watch yourself.
A helping hand, this Elf.

Their daughter's a Faerie and ever so sweet.
Although her room's rarely tidy or neat.
A prettier creature you'll never meet.
My Faerie God-daughter, so sweet.

My step-dad is rough, a short, stocky Gnome.
Can grow any garden with his green thumb.
He's pretty well grounded; he don't like to roam.
Can fix anything at home.

My mother's a Goddess who gives great advice.
Her mystical number is thrice by thrice.
Many fair mortal men did she entice.
Her gently demeanor is nice.

We come in your dreams while you sleep tight,
To teach you a lesson or give you a fright.
We sometimes reveal a tiny foresight.
Don't let the bed bugs bite!

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