Exaltation of the Goddess

Written in worship of the Hidden Half of the Creator by Jacobus Gemini, Her Priest and Devoted Servant. This Exhortation is the property of all who believe on her, and may never be copyrighted by anyone. Beltaine 2002

This prayer is to be said in unison by all those gathered together in Her name. It was designed to be the Codification of the Wiccan Belief System, the lack of which has caused some authorities to denounce Wicca as truly a religion.

I Believe in She who is;

Goddess of the Earth,
Mistress of the Moon,
Queen of the Universe,
Mother of all that Lives,
Beloved and One with the
Divine Creating Energy,
She who is Half of All
that ever was, that is
or ever shall be!

Thus it ever has been,
and thus it shall remain
until there be an end of
all time and eternity

We pray and beseech Thee
to join us Goddess, in this
our worship of Thee, and
Bless us with thy Presence.

I (We) most humbly welcome
Thee* and Thy Consort
to this your Rite**given
as we have been
taught by Thee.

Her will be done.
So mote it be.

*A particular Goddess name may be inserted here.

** A name of a specific rite, ritual or Sabbat can be used here.

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