The Dancers

by Morrigan West, 22 August 2001

Dawn chasing close on the heels of the night
The stars and moon reflected in the ocean blue.
There, black 'gainst the rising sun,
Danced and sung the children of the goddess.
In frenzied circles they did dance,
And in ecstasy they did sing.
For theirs was the knowledge
That gives the bird its voice.
There was everything to live for,
Everything to hold dear.
Their brethren were the wind,
That plays amongst the grass,
The water that holds mysteries deep,
The fire that is the flame of creation,
The earth that is our Mother.
As I watch I too do know that,
I am but a child of the Goddess.
And so I and my kith and kin,
The followers of the Old Path,
Shall dance when the Moon is full.
Dance, and sing and rejoice,
For the sake of every moment,
For the sake of every Dawn.

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