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Book reviews are by Lord Riekin, unless otherwise noted.

book Mad About Mead by Pamela Spence
A good wide market manual on the making of mead, except that she is not a proponent of simmering and skimming. If you read my mead instructions and change that one thing, then this could be your only book on mead making.

book Making Mead Honey Wine : History, Recipes, Methods and Equipment by Roger A. Morse
The current standard in mead making. The first mead manual that applies scientific principles to the science of mead making. If you have no intention of going further into brewing than my recipe, you will still benefit from learning to read a hydrometer and calculate specific gravities. Unfortunatly, since Roger Morse has passed on, you better grab this book while it is still in print. The clear writing and easy instructions make it the perfect book for the intermediate brewer, or someone wanting to become an intermediate brewer.

book The New Complete Joy of Home Brewing by Charlie Papazian
This man is the "Beer God!" He singlehandedly brought home brewing into the mainstream in this country. But only 10 pages of his 400 page book deal with mead making. If you are going to be a home brewer of more than mead, then you need this book. It is the standard text for beer makers.

book Brewing Mead: Wassail! In Mazers of Mead by Robert Gayre, Charlie Papazian, Charles Papazian (Contributor)
170 pages of the history of mead in a wide range of cultures over many centuries by Colonel Robert Gayre, and 17 pages of mead making procedures and recipes by Charles Papazian. So if your main interest is mead, this will do you more good than his first book.

book The Home Brewer's Companion by Charlie Papazian
Another book by Mr. Papazian, more recipes for making beer. When you are ready to expand into the more arcane and experimental new beers, try this book.

book Sacred and Herbal Healing Beers : The Secrets of Ancient Fermentation by Stephen Harrod Buhner
I wish I was this man's student! I have never seen anything that so thoroughly examines the mystical and religious aspects of inebriation as this book. And every medicinal and hallucinogenic plant listed has a recipe for a beer, mead, or ale crafted from it. This book is for the serious student of magick who plans to pursue the use of sacred altered states. Not a beginners manual. Warning! If you read this book, you WILL have the desire to become a brewer!

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