by Baron Sir Riekin ap Gruagach

Being a simple recipe and observations on that most ancient and civilized of beverages, MEAD ! Here offered in hopes of leading benighted and ignorant savages toward the light of true humanity and brotherhood.




Bring 3 qts of water to a boil along with the spices.
Simmer 15 minutes. REMOVE SPICES.
Add honey, stirring vigorously (or you'll have caramel on the bottom of the pot!)
Once the honey has fully dissolved, allow the water to barely simmer. White scum will form, skim it, and continue skimming until no more rises. Failure to do this completely will allow the yeast to act on the waxes and form turpines (which tastes like turpentine!) so make sure you get every last bit, no matter how small.
Never allow the mixture to come to a full boil, or the character of the honey will be destroyed.
Take pot off heat, cover, and leave overnight.

Next morning, when the liquid has cooled to room temperature, add the contents of 1 FULL packet of yeast. (Failure to add the entire packet can lead to the incubation of inferior yeast strains which will ruin the flavor.) Cover pot again.

12 to 24 hours later - you should have a wildly foaming mixture.
Siphon the mixture into the previously sterilized 1 gal. glass jug. (Clorox solution is fine for this - rinse well!)
Loosely screw on lid so gasses can escape, or cover with four folded paper towels and rubber band, or fermentation lock.
Allow to ferment for 48 hours more, or until bubbling nearly ceases.
Siphon the liquid off the layer of dead yeast on the bottom of the jug, so that none of the bottom layer gets into the mixture.
Clean the jug carefully, replace the liquid back in the jug, top off with clean water, reseal, and place in refrigerator overnight.

Next day - Siphon into CLEAN, STERILIZED wine bottles or 2 liter soda bottles, and cap tightly.
Leave in refrigerator 3 to 5 days and enjoy!
WARNING: pressure will be forming in the bottles; avoid excessive handling. Flavor will improve up to ten days, after that, you really need to drink it.

Note: The hangover produced by mead was considered by the Norse to be a punishment too sublime to inflict on the frail frame of a mortal. This is probably due to insufficient skimming of the "white scum".


These instructions produce a lightly carbonated, mildly alcoholic metheglin (spiced mead) which was originally taught to me by Duke Cariadoc in 1974, (though he doesn't remember it - Good Stuff! ;) It is intended to be prepared for revels and consumed in large quantities (proviso you are over 21 & not driving!)

The hangover cure is available for an exorbitant fee.

BOTTOMS UP !!!!!!!!!!
Baron Sir Riekin

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