April 18, 1997
 Lady Arachne
 Membership Officer
 Dogwood Local Council
 Covenant of the Goddess

 Dear Lady Arachne,

 It is with the greatest pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation
 for Lady Bridget and Lady Therese, co-priestesses of the Witch and Famous
 Coven.  I have known them for several years and have circled with them on 
 several occasions, the last being Ostara.

 Their rituals are truly of the Old Religion.  The rituals are of a graceful,
 harmonious, and loving nature.  Witch and Famous celebrates all the Moons as
 well as the Sabbats.  Having met all the coveners, I can say that their 
 training is well rounded, ethical, and spiritual.

 Lady Bridget and Lady Therese show great love of the Lord and Lady in their
 everyday life and the beauty of this shines out.  They are both extremely
 ethical and trust worthy.  They are responsible and wonderful teachers.

 Bright blessings,

 Lady Circe
 Our Lady of the Sacred Flame

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