Lady Arachne
 Dogwood Local Council, COG
 748 Starland Street, Southeast
 Palm Bay, Florida 32909

 Dear Lady Arachne,

      In the ten years that I have known Ladies Bridget and Therese, they
 have always presented themselves as icons of leadership.  Their 
 performance in religious/spiritual settings exceeds excellence: they instill
 in those about them both a willingness to participate and a deep respect
 for the ideals of Wicca.  Their ears are ever inclined to the voice of both
 coveners and guests, and they avail themselves to assisting their "flock"
 in meeting both deadlines and needs.

     Their moral characters are above reproach.  Their uprightness is
 evident not only among pagans but within the community at large.  They
 have served as role models to many individuals over the yeras.  It is no
 secret that ladie Bridget and Therese are caring persons who teach
 others to be individuals through their equitable treatment of them.  Their
 consistently positive approach enables them to interact effectively with
 those in their coven as well as other students, Craft elders, and
 community leaders.

     The commitment of Ladies Bridget and Therese to the Craft is
 manifested in their dedication, enthusiasm, and willingness to extend
 themselves beyond what is generally expected of high priestesses.  Both
 possess syperlative organizational skills.  Their expertise allows them 
 to develop and supervise a multitude of activities simultaneously.

     These highly intelligent women are able to give and receive
 constructive critisism.  They continue to grow and pass that wisdom on to
 their coveners.  Both have achieved a high degree of mastery in both
 astrology and tarot.

     Their charming personalities and genuine warmth surpass merely
 establishing rapport with witches:  peers encounter them with anticipation
 and individuals regard them as positive influences within any group.
 They have served as ritual writers and leaders (including sabbats, esbats,
 initiations, handfastings, etc.), spiritial counselors, and teachers.

     Their coven, the Witch and Famous Coven, is dedicated to Earth
 healing projects, community service, and the continuance of the Craft as
 a viable expression of love and respect for the ancient goddesses and
 gods.  A single document is inadequate to cite their plethora of

     In summation, Ladies Bridget and Therese are remarkable women:
 an honor to know, a credit to the Craft, and an inspiration to us all.  
 It is with great pleasure and confidence that I recommend the Witch and 
 Famous Coven for membership in Covenant of the Goddess.
                                     Bright blessings,

                                     Lord Draconus
                                     Dragonwhisper Coven
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