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Welcome to my Wiccan Ways page. Here you will find articles and information about the Goddess Brid, what Wicca is about, why and how we celebrate our holidays, (called Sabbats), and also other information about brewing, music, spellcrafting, and more. You will also find the online equivalent of our Basic Wicca classes. The purpose of this page is to inform and to enlighten, so graphics are at a minimum. Blessed Be!

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Notice - Material on this site is copyrighted - Please ask permission before copying!

Wicca Classes Menu
Information on following the Wiccan path. This is our coven's Dedicant Wiccan Course on line, for those of you who want to take classes but can't, for whatever reason. This is not meant to take the place of a one-to-one teacher, but as an aid to whatever other reading and study materials you are using.

Spellcraft Menu
Spellcraft, what it is, why it works, and how to do it. Info on Moon phases, days of the week, colors and candles, spiritual baths, consecration, and much more.
Please note - I will not write spells for people over the internet. If you are wanting to do magick, the materials you need to write your own spells are here. If you need spellwork done on your behalf go to and ask Susan or Orion for assistance.

Sabbat Menu
History, preparations & rituals for the 8 Sabbats of the year.

Esbat Menu
An Esbat is any ritual that is not a Sabbat - so this includes New Moon, Full Moon, Dark Moon, Wiccaning, Coming of Age, Handfasting, and so on. This area is constantly being expanded.

Lord Riekin has been using and studying herbs for over 20 years and these ariticles are the basis for some of his many wonderful workshops. There is a list of common herbs found in the kitchen and how they can be used to alleviate everyday ailments, as well as a sort of "first aid" herbal, plus general information on the why's and how's of using herbs. We plan to expand this area as well.

On Making Mead by Baron Sir Riekin ap Gruagach (aka Lord Riekin)
Here Lord Riekin shares his brewing expertise. There is a recipe for his Small Mead, which is superb, and takes about 10 days to make; as well as a recipe for Krupnikas. This area of the site is still expanding, and will include step by step instructions.

Pagan/Wiccan Songs
Original and traditional Pagan and Wiccan songs and chants.
Order Lady Bridget's CDs, "In Her Sacred Space" or "Voices of the Goddess" here!

The Poetry Page
Poetry and stories by Wiccan and Pagan authors, shared here for your pleasure. If you wish to contribute any of your own original poetry, songs, or stories send it to me! New additions are welcome and I will include your email or website if you wish.

Pagan Parents Page
If you have any ideas/games/teaching aids to share with other Pagan parents, please send it to me! As a mother and grandmother, I am trying to develop a resource page for Pagan parents.

The Goddess Brid
A brief introduction and history of Brid, Goddess of the many forms of communication (including the internet!)

What is Wicca?
A brief tutorial on the religion of Wicca, it's history, and basic beliefs.
For more indepth information, go to the Wicca Basics menu.

Reading Lists
More information on Wicca, Magick, Herbology, and related topics.

Amber and Jet by Donna Aquino
Excellent article on the magickal and historical significance of Amber and Jet, and why so many witches wear this combination in their jewelry.

Discussion of dreaming, lucid dreaming, astral travel, how to interpret your dreams, and how to tell when a dream could be important.

Witch and Famous Coven
Meet our coven!

A Christian Speaks About the Faith and Path of Wicca by James Clement Taylor
A well written letter to others of the Christian faith regarding the Christian views of Wicca and what the Bible says about condemning people for their beliefs.

Investigator's Guide to Allegations of "Ritual" Child Abuse by Kenneth V. Lanning, Supervisory Special Agent
A pamphlet written for law enforcement officials to help them distinguish when actual child abuse is occuring without trampling over a family's religious rights. Written by an FBI agent and distributed in the public domain since 1992.

Links Page
Links to other Wiccan or Pagan websites

Home Email Esbats Herbs Links Mead Music Parenting Poetry Reading Sabbats Spellcraft Wicca

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